Budget 2020

1. Executive Overview

2. Corporate Summary

3. Police Services

4. Infrastructure Lifecycle Strategy

5. Previously Approved - Recommended

6. Items Recommended

7. Other Funding Available - Recommended

8. Items Not Recommended

9. Other Information

a) Grouping Schedule
Grouping Schedule
b) Items recommended by Council Term Priorities
Items recommended by Council Term Priorities
c) Briefing Notes
BR003-2020 Transitional Funding
BR007-2020 Grants in Lieu - Non Municipal Buildings
BR009-2020 Interest Earned
BR019-2020 Active911 Middleware CAD Integration
BR021-2020 Land Ambulance Funding shortfall
BR023-2020 Fee Stabilization withdrawn
BR024-2020 20% reduction
BR025-2020 20% Expansion Cost Share
BR027-2020 Addictions Program
BR028-2020 Untargeted Funding
BR029-2020 Expansion of Portable Housing Benefits
BR037-2020 Funding Changes
BR039-2020 Staffing Reduction
BR041-2020 WSIB Expense
BR042-2020 Provincial Funding Changes
BR047-2020 Federal Funding changes
BR048-2020 Service vehicle for Chatham Twp
BR049-2020 Upgrade tractor to industrial loader backhoe
BR055-2020 Arrears Notice User Fee
BR065-2020 RS- Recreation Services ReVisioning
BR070-2020 Performance Review Software Licenses
BR081-2020 Salt Materials Year 2
BR088-2020 Facility Replacement and Strategic Development
BR096-2020 Late Payment Charges
BR106-2020 Master Fire Plan
BR107-2020 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
BR109-2020 CKFES Support Vehicles
BR112-2020 Recruitment Retention Package for Lifeguards
BR114-2020 Staff Realignment
BR115-2020 HR Generalist - December
BR121-2020 Manager Drainage Services
BR123-2020 Engineering Technologist I - GIS
BR125-2020 Business Solution Analyst - CAM
BR134-2020 Building Services Assistant
BR135-2020 Engineering Manager
BR137-2020 Increase to Sidewalk Replacement Budget
BR138-2020 Tourism Summer Student
BR139-2020 CK Local Immigration Partnership
BR143-2020 Special Populations Summer Team Leader
BR145-2020 Drug Strategy
BR146-2020 CK Renovates Extension
BR147-2020 Community Outreach Workers
BR151-2020 Ontario Priority Housing Initiative Year One
BR152-2020 Ontario Priority Housing Initiative Year Two
BR153-2020 Housing Claims Analyst
BR154-2020 CHS 2nd Summer Student_
BR155-2020 Ontario Seniors Dental Program
BR156-2020 CMI Impact to Funding
BR157-2020 WSIB Schedule 2 On-going Claims
BR159-2020 TRAC Program - One Year Extension
BR160-2020 Corporate Training - Technology
BR162-2020 Purchase of milling machine for Trackless
BR163-2020 Road Share of Municipal Drainage Projects
BR165-2020 Urban Assessment
BR168-2020 Work Order Backlog Reduction
BR169-2020 Banners Installation
BR170-2020 Sandbag Program
d) User Fee Detail
User Fee Detail Summary
User Fee Detail
e) Reserves
Summary of Reserves
f) Summary of 2020 Recommended Staffing Changes
Summary of 2020 FTES - Recommended Staffing Changes
g) Summary of Community Consultation Meetings
2020 Community Feedback
h) 2020 Budget through environmental lens
i) Other
2014 to 2019 Base Budget
2019 Corporate Summary By Department

10. 2019 Budget Overview

11. Taxation Issues