Budget 2021

1. Executive Overview

2. Corporate Summary

3. Police Services

4. Infrastructure Lifecycle Strategy

5. Previously Approved

6. Items Recommended

7. Other Funding Available - Recommended

8. Items Not Recommended

9. Other Information

a) Grouping Schedule
Grouping Schedule
b) Items recommended by 2018-2022 Council Term Priorities
Items recommended by Council Term Priorities
c) Briefing Notes
BR011-2021 Growth Financing Plan
BR014-2021 Snow Removal Salt
BR016-2021 Increase for Future Funding
BR019-2021 Excess Cost Share
BR022-2021 Ambulance Funding Shortfall
BR024-2021 Interest Income
BR025-2021 Admin Cost Share and One Time Mitigation Funding
BR030-2021 Position Reductions
BR031-2021 All for Kids Coordinator
BR034-2021 Portable Housing Benefit
BR039-2021 Decrease in Federal Funding for Private Non Profits (Section 95)
BR041-2021 Mitigation Funding
BR042-2021 Position Reduction
BR044-2021 Case Mix Index Revenue Impact
BR045-2021 MSA Calibration Stations
BR051-2021 Janitorial
BR067-2021 Case Manager Housing Services
BR069-2021 Affordable Housing Builds
BR070-2021 Tree Replacement Program
BR072-2021 CK Physician Recruitment
BR073-2021 Urban Assessment
BR075-2021 Seasonal Bus Service Reduction
BR076-2021 Transit - Existing Services
BR080-2021 Transit - New Service Levels
BR087-2021 Municipal Service Satisfaction Survey
BR088-2021 Local Immigration Partnership Ph6, Yr2
BR089-2021 Tourism Development Officer Contract
BR090-2021 Planning Technician
BR093-2021 Gallery Summer Camp Staffing
BR095-2021 Special Populations Summer Team Leader
BR096-2021 Isolation Shelter
BR097-2021 CK Renovates Extension
BR098-2021 Local Systems Support 2 Year Contract
BR099-2021 Untargeted SHA Funding
BR100-2021 TPA COCHI Year 3
BR101-2021 TPA OPHI Year 3
BR102-2021 Housing Claims Analyst Contract Position
BR103-2021 WSIB Schedule 2
BR104-2021 Return to Work Specialist
BR106-2021 Corporate Digital Transformation
BR107-2021 GIS Architecture Review
BR108-2021 Web Redesign & Optimization
BR109-2021 Auto Extrication Equipment
BR110-2021 Personal Protective Equipment
BR111-2021 Immersion Suits
BR112-2021 Volunteer Fire Assistance Program
BR114-2021 Environmental Climate Change Tech
BR116-2021 Fibre Permitting Project
BR117-2021 Road Share of Drainage Projects
BR118-2021 ROW Water Access
BR121-2021 Expansion Program Cost Share
BR123-2021 Mass Notification System
d) User Fee Detail
User Fee Detail
User Fee Summary
e) Reserves
Summary of Reserves
f) Summary of 2021 recommended staffing changes
Recommended staffing changes 2021
g) Community Engagement
Community Engagement
h) Other
Recommended Reductions Made to Council
2020 Detailed Approved Budget
2020 Municipal Grant Budget
2019 Capital Asset Addition Listing
Overview by revenue and expense

10. 2020 Budget Overview

11. Taxation Issues