Budget 2022

1. Executive Overview

2. Corporate Summary

3. Infrastructure Lifecycle Strategy

4. Previously Approved

5. Items Recommended

Inflation Summary
BN014 - Senior Services 4 Hours of Care Funding
BN032 - Assessment Growth
BN036 - Administrative Expenditures Cost Share
BN037 - Cost Share One-time Grant
BN038 - Expansion Program Cost Share
BN040 - CK Emergency Rapid Re-Housing Program (Isolation Shelter)
BN042 - Decrease in RGI Subsidy for Private Non-Profits (PNP)
BN044 - Decrease in Federal Funding for Private Non-Profit (Section 95s)
BN046 - Decrease in Operating and Mortgage Subsidy for Private Non-Profits
BN049 - Housing Claims Analyst - Position for Affordable Housing Program Delivery
BN050 - Untargeted SHA Funding
BN051 - Mitigation Funding
BN054 - Senior Services Resident Revenue
BN055 - Senior Services Transitional Fund
BN057 - Senior Services Funding Adjustment
BN058 - Next Generation 911 Implementation
BN059 - Cityview Integration Connector
BN060 - Decrease in Public Housing Debentures
BN061 - Decrease in Federal Funding for Public Housing
BN062 - Building Development Services Change in Allocation
BN063 - Economic Development - Economic Development Officer Re-organization
BN065 - Public Health Service Delivery Change
BN068 - End user device security
BN069 - 3rd Party Cyber Security Municipal Audit
BN071 - Security Awareness Program
BN072 - Risk Assess Manage
BN074 - Network Infrastructure Lifecycle Projects
BN076 - Transit Engineering Technician 1 – Correction to funding source to Area Rated
BN077 - Reduction of Cemetery Student
BN080 - Membership Fees
BN081 - 2022 Base Deficit
BN094 - Planning Services
BN097 - Corporate Information Management Project
BN098 - Work From Home Infrastructure
BN099 - Note Remote Support Software
BN100 - Skype for Business Replacement - CSR
BN102 - Corporate Internet Service
BN103 - CityView
BN104 - Building Maintenance Position (Housing Assets)
BN105 - Building Development Services Additional Staff
BN106 - Building Development Services Additional Vehicle
BN107 - 2 Tourism Assistant Students
BN108 - Removal of Allocation of Wages to Transit
BN109 - Human Resources Information System (HRIS) Project
BN111 - Inclusive Recreation Summer Team Leader
BN112 - Courier Service Increase in Hours
BN113 - 2nd Summer Student - Clerical Assistant Housing Gr.2.3
BN114 - Municipal Prosecutor
BN115 - New Brush Chipper
BN116 - Additional Parks Operating Costs
BN117 - Landscape Materials for Gardens at Municipal Buildings
BN118 - Transit Engineering Technician 1 - 1 FTE
BN120 - Transit Revenue Impacts
BN123 - Integrated Wallaceburg Urban Public Transit Service
BN125 - Integrated Sunday Public Transit Service – Chatham
BN176 - Pickleball Courts

6. Police Services

7. Other Funding Available - Recommended

8. Items Not Recommended

9. Other Information

a) Grouping Schedule
Grouping Schedule
b) Items Recommended sorted by Council Term Priorities
Items recommended by Council Term Priorities
c) User Fee Detail
User Fee Detail
User Fee Summary
d) Reserves
Summary of Reserves and Reserve Funds
e) Summary of 2022 Recommended Staffing Changes
2022 Supplementary for Council - FTE
f) Community Engagement
Community engagement
g) Other

10. 2021 Budget Overview

11. Taxation Issues